The Kitchen Design Center

Edward "Eddie" Viel, JR

Eddie has been working for 45 years. A master cabinet-maker/carpenter in his own right, an experienced general contractor, and a rock ‘n’ roll drummer in his younger years. 

Specializing in indoor and outdoor kitchen design, he has crafted a niche for himself and KDC with a full-service approach. 

He prides himself on honesty, and operates an open account reconciliation with the client at the end of the job. Showing the sub-contractors’ receipts and his own profits. 

A man who’s only demand from the world is mutual respect for everyone and everything.

“I grew up in the old school. Everybody in my grandfather’s workshop came from Europe with Master’s papers. All were experts in a certain facet of building furniture or cabinets. And I grew up there; studying with the real masters. We built it all by hand. With today’s technology, shops can’t operate with the old methods because they can’t make money from it. It is also hard to finds craftsmen from Europe with Master papers wanting to work over here. So, at KDC, we use companies that have been in business for many years, (some over 80 years) and who adhere strictly to the American Woodwork Institute’s industry benchmark of excellence to ensure the finished product is of the highest quality and customized to the customer’s need”

Carolyn Viel

Carolyn, affectionately referred to by Eddie as “the real boss”, has been a vital part of KDC since its conception. Bringing over 25 years of office management and administrative experience to help keep Eddie on track. 

Carolyn and Eddie have been married since 1989, she has been assisting his business endeavors since she joined the family business in 2000. 

Carolyn also holds a Florida Real Estate license. 


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